Bulgarian Achievers

offers an intercultural coаching and consulting to expats who want to grow and develop themselves in Bulgaria. It all starts with a deep look within – taking into considerations your personal values and behavioral models. A personal or a group evaluation could be done, depending on the situation. The purpose is to unfold your full potential and gain beneficial experience in the host culture.

The services can be tailored to the needs of the client. Info about the services below:

Who will benefit

  • Bulgarians Abroad
  • Foreigners in Bulgaria

Forms of training

  • Individual sessions
  • Group sessions

Occupation field

  • Working People
  • Students


  • Global DISC
  • IRC (Intercultural Readiness Check)

Global DISC is an ICF accredited, multi award-winning coaching solution for unlocking potential within and between people by leveraging individual and group mindset.
It introduces the topic of cultural intelligence (ICQ) using the language of the most widely used behavioural model, DISC. It explains WHAT, HOW and WHY people think and behave so differently and how to turn their diversity into synergy.
This makes Global DISC™ invaluable tool for individuals and organizations operating in multicultural settings.

- In order to get an insight on your intercultural competencies and receive personalized suggestions on how to develop further you can rely on a database that comprises the results of more than 70,000 participants from over 180 countries.
An individual or group evaluation with IRC gives information based on 4 aspects – Intercultural Sensitivity, Intercultural Communication, Building Commitment and Managing Uncertainty.

What you can count on:


I know what you are going through! Life abroad can be challenging and it takes courage to face the unknown. The lack of sufficient information available on the Bulgarian culture does not help either.

Focus on the personal needs

We are all very different when it comes to learning and experience, which is why it is important for me to tailor and present the information in a way that is most useful for you.
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Practical experience

The goal is, after you get all the information, to be able to practice it; to build self-esteem and be prepared for real –life situations.

Active participation

The more hands-on approach you have, the better results you will achieve. Your commitment and openness place a clearer focus on your personal needs and interests and leads to more constructive feedback.


Ethics takes a significant part of our work together. I believe that we are all unique and everyone has valuable qualities and knowledge. I admire you for the fact that you want to develop and you seek for assistance.